School Leadership Team (SLT)

All New York State public schools have a School Leadership Team (SLT). The PS41 SLT is a collaborative team of parents, teachers, and administrators whose purpose is to facilitate communication, involvement and cooperation between school and home. The SLT meets the first Monday of every month and serves as an advisory panel to Principal Kelly Shannon on a range of topics. All meetings are open for observation. 

The SLT is made up of five parents and five PS41 faculty members. The Principal, UFT Representative, and PTA President are mandatory positions on the SLT. Four of the parent member positions are elected and three of the PS41 faculty member positions are elected. The SLT parent elections are held each spring following the Parent Teacher Association elections.

The School Leadership Team develops the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP), available for review in the main office, which sets annual goals for the school in all areas and focuses on developing educational strategies for improvement. The SLT, with input from the school community, is responsible for evaluating the quality of our school’s educational program and its effect on student achievement.

The PS41 SLT conducts an annual parent and teacher survey. The survey data informs the SLT’s decisions about what goals and objectives to set for our school.  

Send comments or questions in writing to the SLT mailbox located in the main office or email

SLT Bylaws
The SLT Bylaws were revised and adopted in October 2016.  To view the bylaws, click here.

SLT Meetings
The SLT and its sub-committees meet regularly during the school year in room 205. The schedule of regular meetings is posted in the main office, on the website calendar and below.
September 19
October 17
November 7
December 5
January 9
February 6
March 6
April 3
May 8
June: TBD

2016-2017 Minutes 
2015-2016 Minutes
2014-2015 Minutes

SLT Members 2016-2017
Kelly Shannon:  Principal

Stella Chang:  PTA Co-President

Michelle Caldwell:  Staff Representative, UFT Designee

Jamie Hillegass:  Staff Representative, Chairperson
Josephine Koh:  Staff Representative
Michael LaRocco: Staff Representative

Matthew Horovitz:  Parent Representative, 2015-2017 
Amy Frisch:  Parent Representative, 2015-2017
David Allee:  Parent Representative, 2016-2018
Maud Maron:  Parent Representative, 2016-2018