41News (School Newsletter)

41News is the PS41 school newsletter. It is published by the PTA and distributed three times a year — November, February and May — to all PS41 families.

Regular Features
Our regular features help keep the school community informed on all the issues from the PTA, school administration and staff, and fellow students and families. They include:

Kelly's Q&A (Principal's Report)
Letter from the PTA Presidents 
Character Education
Teacher Feature 
Food for Thought (Wellness Update, Recipes, Cafeteria News)

...and so much more!

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We welcome writers, photographers and graphic designers from the parent or student body to write stories on their favorite PS41 topic or event.   It's a great way to learn more about the school.  If you'd like to get involved, please email us at 41news@ps41.org. 

Read the latest issues!

Vol 37: Fall 2017
Letter from the PTA Presidents • 
PAC Update: Fair Student Funding • 75 Morton Update: Amazing School, Amazing Community • Monster Mash 2017 • Music Committee Update: The Sweet Sound of Music • The Specialists: Vicki Sando & Lee Burnley • SLT: School Leadership Team • Character Education: Honesty & Responsibility • Recess! (with Deer Mountain)

Vol 36: Spring 2017
Community Service: Fifth Graders Build a Butterfly Garden • May Book Fair • 41Cares Update • Character Education: Compassion • Checkmate! A Chess Team Update • 75 Morton Update • PS41 MC Dance Party • PS41 & The Highline • The Specialists, Part Three • PAC Update • Wellness Update • Deer Mountain Recess • Music Committee Update 

Vol 35: Winter 2017
Technology Download, Part One • Starry Night • 41Cares Update • Character Education: Teamwork • Checkmate! A Chess Team Update • December Book Fair • Soul Cycle Event • Colonial Day • Winter Wonderland • The Specialists, Part Two • PAC Update • Wellness Update • Deer Mountain Recess • Music Committee Update 

Vol 34: Fall 2016
Music Committee • Robotics Club • 41Cares Update • Q&A with Katie Cook (WITS) • Bagels, Bananas and Ballots • Character Education • Afterschool with the YMCA • The Specialists • Safe Streets • Art & Poetry Calendar • Deer Mountain Recess • Monster Mash • 75 Morton Update • PS41 and the Whitney 

Vol 33: Spring 2016
Teacher Appreciation Lunch • 5th Grade Update • Wellness Update • 41Cares Update • PS41's New Look • Fancy Day & Night • 1st Grade Restaurant Study • Let Us Entertain You • PS41 Violin Program • 75 Morton Update • Chess Team • Deer Mountain Recess • Recipe: Asparagus Frittata

Vol 32: Winter 2016
41Cares Update • The Subway Series by PS41 • Getting to Know Coach G • What’s Up, Wellness? • Lentil Patties Recipe • Defining Growth Mindset at PS41 • Winter Wonderland • Testing Results Are In • 75 Morton Update • Winter Wins Elevate the Chess Team • Recess Stays Warm Out in the Cold

Vol 31: Fall 2015
City Harvest • Interview with Ms. Unger • New PAC-man • Day in the Life • 75 Morton Update • My Friend Don • In Memoriam: Don Mullaney • Character Education / Empathy • Monster Mash • WITS Update • Lunchtime Recess • PS41 Chess • 41 Cares